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African-Americans make up only 4% of people in software development jobs, and Latino/as make up only 5% of these jobs in the US (source). Coding bootcamps will graduate over 16,000 students this year and place them into jobs as developers at startups and enterprise companies. 63% of those coding bootcamp graduates are whiteIn this webinar, we're joined by code schools Turing,, Startup Institute, and Telegraph Academy to talk about racial diversity in bootcamps, why we should change these statistics, and how bootcamps can support students from underrepresented backgrounds.  


If you're interested by diversity in tech and diversity in bootcamps, or want to share your own experience at a bootcamp and add to the conversation, please join!


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Meet Your Panel

Liliana Monge

Liliana is the Co-Founder of Sabio.LA, a coding bootcamp working to increase the number of women and people of color that become professional software engineers.

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  • The current state of coding bootcamps- who attends a bootcamp and who works in tech?
  • Which bootcamps focus on diversity, why it's important and how teams can be supportive of underrepresented minorities in the classroom. 
  • Detailed tips & advice from bootcamp founders, instructors and students.
  • Plus, our panel (from bootcamps like Turing, Telegraph Academy,, and Startup Institute) will answer questions from the audience!

Meet Your Panel

What We'll Talk About

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Shaun is a cofounder of Startup Institute, a program that gives students the mindset and skills to get a job at a startup.

Shaun Johnson

Jorge is the Director of Operations at the Turing School of Software & Design, a 7-month software developer program based in Denver, Colorado.

Jorge Tellez

Jai Misra

Jai Misra is a student in the 1505 cohort at Turing School of Software & Design in Denver, CO. He is halfway through Turing School's seven-month software development program."
Liz is a cofounder of Course Report, a resource for students considering a coding bootcamp. 

Liz Eggleston

Mo Akade

Mo Akade is the Growth and Strategy Manager at Telegraph Academy, a software engineering bootcamp for people of color underrepresented in tech. Telegraph is built in partnership with Hack Reactor.