Data Science for n00bs

Irmak Sirer

Irmak is a partner and data scientist at Datascope, where he solves business problems with data by designing analyses and interfaces. Irmak has helped companies across industries solve problems with data, from small companies to members of the Fortune 50.

Think you need a PhD to become a rockstar data scientist? Think again! 

Metis recently announced a 12-week Data Science course crafted by Irmak Sirer and Laurie Skelly of Datascope Analytics. Join us for a FREE webinar:

  • • Hear from Laurie & Irmak, who will teach us the secrets to becoming an employable data scientist.
  • • Learn about the day-to-day experience of a data scientist, and get examples of real data science projects.
  • • Bring your own questions to get live answers from leading data scientists in the field!

Liz Eggleston

Liz is a cofounder of Course Report, a resource for students considering a coding bootcamp. She maintains the Course Report blog and enjoys getting to know  founders, students and instructors at bootcamps across the world. 

Save My Spot!

Tuesday, July 22

6:30pm EST

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Webinar attendees will get a promo code for $500 off tuition to Metis!

See you there!

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Laurie Skelly

Laurie, a data scientist at Datascope, loves going after tough answers to great questions. At Datascope, Laurie builds analytical tools for a wide range of clients to help them use data to solve their business problems. 

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